Gambino and Jackson, the truth you’re not ready for

Gambino and Jackson, the truth you’re not ready for


If Janet is afraid of me, that is her problem and not yours or mine’s.  I am not a crazy man on the loose, there is rhyme and reason to everything and did and do.  People want to judge me on third hand information, like if I care.  You do not know half of the story, you think that they became who they are simply by chance, and because they were so talented they became the household name of America and the world.

You think I am just some obsessed stalker, because they are famous and I am unknown to most of the world their word is God and mine’s is Satan or something crazy like that.

However I know things and because of what I know, nobody messes with me over bull crap.  These stories are about 20 years old and what happened, happened for a reason.  I wrote a screenplay about what happened and a complimentary book on the subject, which is packed with a lot of facts and dirt, so much it is literally blackballed from mainstream media. 

Jermaine Jackson started the false rumor that I stalked Janet, something I was never charged with.  And Rene Elizondo started the rumor that I was delusional and the media ran with it.  Jermaine did this because his career was going downhill and there is more to that.  Rene Elizondo was a punk and it was that plain and simple.  I pleaded guilty to protect Janet; nobody was going to testify against me.  Like I said you do not know half of the story.  They lie out of habit to maintain an image, to sell records.  If nice guys finish last what makes you think they are so nice, because they can sing and dance?  It is all publicity!


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  1. I’d like to see and read some of your work. Please shoot me and email sometime. I find your blog posts fascinating.

    Happy Holidays Frank


  2. I lost your e-mail address by accident.

  3. I found it.

  4. Elizando was, and is, a punk, indeed.
    Big ups for stick your neck out on Janet’s behalf. Keeping it real for sure.
    Considering the developments of 2009, I’m sure the book you mentioned has some great potential. Maybe now would be the time to (re?)publish.
    I, for one, would love to see that material.

  5. I still say james is the father of renee not you.

  6. Hi,
    Great Site.
    I’d like to see some of your work as well.


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