Frank Paul Jones impact & attention

Frank Paul Jones impact & attention


For every action there is a reaction, so I am told.  Perhaps my life will never be the same, because of one or a few of my actions.  Was it a mistake?  I do not think it was even bad judgment.  Was it a necessary act?  Maybe!  However what were done have become the past and these crazy stories that took place 20 years ago will not define me.


I do not know, but if I really cared about how people who do not know me feel about me, I would go and seek a lawyer, because my Federal Case is Sealed and has become public knowledge, however what happened , has happened already and cannot be changed.  Now it is about a story, a conversation piece.  And the impact I make is not based on my past, but on my reaction to the attention being focused on me.


I admit I am a sinner with an independent mind, I am probably an ingenious undiscovered and far from dumb.  The timing of this media attention could not be in a worst time as I am trying to do something positive but my dark side is being exploited.  But perhaps something positive might come from this as I wear many hats I am working with a few artists in the music scene, and wrote a couple of screenplays that might get picked up as a result of this negative publicity.  I mean people can run with this and judge me or search for the truth and who knows what they might stumble on to.  In any case I like to write and wrote several articles about Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, both John Gotti senior and junior, as well as articles for Rev. Jesse Jackson and I touched on a lot of subjects and touched on a lot of issues.


I guess the responsible thing to do now is to write articles for my page, as I seem to have gain a status on for all the wrong reason, but let the wrong reasons not define me.  So if you want to read about Michael Jackson and President Bush threatened Frank Paul Jones on will probably not be the page to be entertained, as I will focus on things that matter and not a bunch of garbage that will be no more than a conversation piece, gossip and rumors, I will save that stuff for other peoples pages who thrive on gossip.

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  1. happy new year – love your blog

  2. if you know the real truth of what happen to michael jackson what he has gone through then you say you are a changed man then write the truth where thoses people lied and clear his name.let him rest in peace.all the bad people.even the bad familys that lied the police and the help of the right thing in your life and maybe you will get some respect

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