Resurgence on the AIDS warfront

Resurgence on the AIDS warfront


AIDS: It has come to my attention that a lot more people are infected by this dreadful disease causing a pandemic.  It is like your next door neighbor has it, it is like you do not know who has it.  The sad thing is that the disease is probably curable already, certain people just have to be compensated and I have no power over that.


I think Highlands County should build a huge laboratory to research and produce AIDS cures and vaccines.  We can call this the “City of Immunity,” because this will be the central area for research.  It is perfect because it is a community highly populated by HealthCare Industrial Complexes. 


The area is populated by people who come here for the winter and they are either senior citizens or people who can simply travel to seasonal areas out of the colder northern states.  So the medical industry is important as people who stay for a season will need medical care.  Also people come here to live after retirement and then finally there are the people who see a future in prime real estate which is Highlands County.


I think this is the perfect place for the “City of Immunity.”  This will be the world center of AIDS Research, to include the research of many other diseases in the future.  The place where the cure is free!


“When they get a hurricane we get a strong wind.”


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