Lil Wayne goes into lockdown at Rikers Island NYC

Lil Wayne goes into lockdown  at Rikers Island NYC


Lil Wayne who has become the hottest rapper into 2010 has been sent to Rikers Island.  On Tuesday 9 February 2010 born as Dwayne Carter on 27 September 1982, in New Orleans, Louisiana, AKA Lil Wayne was sentenced to 1 year in prison and has been put on lockdown at the notorious Rikers Island Correctional Faculty in New York.


Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to a felony gun charge because of a 2007 arrest.  The police reported that Lil Wayne was smoking weed on the streets of New York while in possession of a handgun.


Lil Wayne is said to be allowed a DVD player among a few other advantages due to his Music Icon status and is expected to do 8 months if he receives goodtime for his behavior.  His entourage and crew are expected to relocate to New York City while he does the sentence for the gun charge.


The New York City Prison Systems are environmentally influenced the New York Bloods Street Gangs, who are very powerful in Rikers Island.  Lil Wayne is said to be a member of the Bloods and should be under the protection of the New York Bloods, and with his money which will talk he should be able to do his time smoothly without any real threats or problems .


It seems he will be in good hands in my back in New York City.  But the three rules apply to him like anyone else.  The three rules are the three commandments of doing time in prison which he should be able to do standing his head for 8 short months.


#1: Do not use drugs


#2: Do not gamble


#3: Do not mess with those punks


These three things can get you killed or seriously harmed in prison, these are the things that they use to control people and put them into debt as a reason to harm you and/or extort.

Lil Wayne should be good for business in the Big Apple and perhaps might work with New York Artists such as P. Diddy and Jay Z to mention a couple.  This unfortunate situation may well be the eruption of the volcano that might give Lil Wayne long lasting super stardom status.  Only time will tell according to how he plays the hand he was dealt.


Good luck Dude!  



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