Propellerhead’s Record/Reason Duo a winner

Propellerhead’s Record/Reason Duo a winner


Propellerhead’s Record/Reason Duo in an attempt to take a larger slice of the market has reduced their prices.  At a sale price of $399.99 it is a steal.  Not long ago you paid that for Reason 4.01 alone.  I use Record/Reason Duo and found it to be a very good DAW.  With 64 tracks that you can actually use with a good micro processor in my case I have the HP m9160.  Here are some of its features.


The HP Elite N9160f has a Core 2 Quad Q6700 (2.66 GHz) processor running on 4 GB Hard Drive.  It may boot up slow but runs like a monster, with power and consistent performance.


The book on Propellerhead’s Record is due out in March 2010.  Record is still a relatively new program and personally I do not know all the tricks to creating audio effects.  One of the really cool features in Record id the time-stretch feature, whereby you can record your song’s music and vocals and reset the tempo for the best sound.  Also as with Reason 4.01; Record version 1 has ReWire capability and works well with Cubase 4.  I am still on Cubase Studio 4 and the only glitch I experienced in ReWire Mode with Record/ Reason Duo using Vista 64 bit OP was an electrical surge noises when at the start of the song in Record or play mode that does not resonate during or after the mix-down process when exporting audio.


With all the wonderful devices included in Reason and Record the Duo gives you great music composing capability and when using the Gate included on the Mixing Console and the Gain you can do great vocal tracks.  The setback I still believe is the inability to run VST effects, as for VSTi the devices in Record/Reason Duo are great.  


I think the Duo is a great set of programs, but I think a program like Cubase has not outlived its purposes which are to run vocal effects like Auto-Tune and other Antaries products.  Sure you can bounce the tracks to a host program that utilizes VSTi and VST if necessary and it is my hopes that Propellerhead explains to us users how to use the effects in the devices to create effects however as of yet  it seems that that analog signal will not process in the devices so we are regulated to the use of the devices included in the programs and we can use ReWire or the bounce feature, which can drain processor if overused.


My experience has been that you can realistically run 30 or 40 musical and vocal tracks together with effects in Record and ReWire it with Cubase for additional 5+ or so tracks using VST effects and do about anything in Record/Reason Duo ReWired in Cubase.  It is a fight and has a safe landing.


DAW’s is the leading program applications for artists of the 21 century and is giving the kids today abilities unimaginable just 10 or 20 years ago.  DAW’s is a huge bang for the buck!

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