The Levels of Procreation

The Levels of Procreation


People have there code of beliefs.  Monotonous people procreate alike kinds is a powerful statement about the science of procreation.  People procreate personalities and not just DNA.  And this is the essence of the modern day belief codes.


We believe in what is good and bad, or evil and righteous and for this reason many people are not on target.  We aim for the superficial and not the relevant.  Life is a contemporary being.  The first thing a child should learn is that the first law of nature is self preservation.  Also what has to be understood is that the most consistent thing is change.  Always remember that no matter where you go the perceptual essence of life is change.


One man’s reality is another’s dream and so forth.  How do we define reality is it actually as simple as the five senses?  Can we modify the actual essence of knowledge based on personalities and this goes for us all? These are subject of independent nature.


OK in the science of DNA procreation what is the rule if there are rules and what is the rules of the after birth?  Can two light skin parents create a d dark child or can two dark skinned parents create a lighter child?  I will introduce deductive reasoning. 


I was educated on these ideas and I will give you a reasoning of deduction.  We all know life and the garden of Eden was in Africa.  We are all on earth descendents of Africa and I being an African America in essence I just happen to be nearer to my forefather’s nest.  What is the point?  The process of evolution states that we can procreate lighter and not darker.  A child is said to can’t be darker that the lightest parent   However important is the biology for the descendents of slave in America?   Whereby or tongues were cut and ties to the Mother Land broken.


Furthermore, let of think outside the box.  Think about thought patterns.  What are triggers to a higher level of thought?  Should the mind be challenged?  We think as we see and hear and experience.  We are no bigger than the world we experienced and our minds are limited to our emotions regardless if expressed or not.  Why do I say this?  Because humankind are emotional beings.!


The mathematics of procreation is nor simply biology of philosophy but a mixture of both.  For as we think we are and as we were is history.  What we did we did and we are as we did and not the history of our ancestors.  We are historic beings and that knowledge is a matter of perception and consciousness.  We are who we are and we are history but not subjected to punishment for our past as we are new being in the lord I AM.


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