A Sad Economic Reality

A Sad Economic Reality


The economic downturn has been an unfortunate reality for many people.  As I sit here tonight I think how blessed I am.  I do not have much, but in these cold days of consistent very cold temperatures even here Florida it has been cold these are cold days.  Yes it is a cold day even here in America.


As we know I am in into the music thing, a hungry writer, John A. Gotti is not the only writer from the Gambino enterprise as I understand he will take on writing about crime dramas; and I live by modest means.  But I understand what is going on in the world and realize “the meek will inherit the earth.”  As I suffered most of my life I realize these are the days to endure.  Understand that he is on his last limb, he being the unjust ruler for these is the last days of Satan’s reign and he shall fade away.


The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC is basically addressing some of the fundamental issues ands situations that will help people survive in these cold days in America and change the way America does business.


We are focused primarily on helping address the issues of single parents with children regardless of sex who are homeless and there are many in America. We have dedicated ourselves to addressing the elderly crisis.  Did you know that a lot of senior citizens are landing on the steps of Florida homeless and many without health coverage or even an income?  There is a growing concern about Recidivism as the prison systems have become revolving doors for many black Americans.  These are some fundamental rights of Americans being violated and the goal is to create self sufficiency for us all and help first time business owners develop from the proper foundation.


We would like to build homeless shelters for singles, a hotel for families and many duplex homes for our cliental and I call on HUD and the Federal Government to help us accomplish these needs for a better America.  I call on President Obama to set aside subsidies to house the homeless in Florida and here in Highlands County.  The homeless crisis here in  Highlands County is bad, jobs are little and in-between and the black community is a red line district that is basically surviving off of or self destructing by the drug trade and I am talking about that hard stuff and not marijuana.  It is unbelievable how people are still using crack, cocaine and dope and have to steal and jive and connive to sustain the habit.


Let us not forget the everyday small American in our economic stimulus plan.  We really have to address homelessness even still in 2010, I mean where do people stay and how do they eat without money? Many people are without money or simply have to make sacrifices and choose between something to make ends might; we sometimes have to go without things we were once use to.  But being homeless especially with children, being old and homeless and having nowhere to go fresh out of prison being assisted by a family on assistance are serious situations that has to be addressed. 


A Sad Economic Reality!





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