NaQuila’s Strategic Agenda

NaQuila’s Strategic Agenda


 NaQuila’s project is developing very well.  In a project that will consists of about 100 songs we have touched on about 20 of them.  Everything is unfolding as projected and people will start to hear more of her material very soon.

This project is by design very different from many artists in that the key to the project is to produce a sound and not so much just creating a series of hits.

We feel being we have access to the studio and have dedicated time to the project and this project will represent a chronology of NaQuila we can set aside time to develop the sound we want as we include the ears of future listeners.

NaQuila vision of her ultimate moment in a performance would be with her 6 piece band Kiss type pyrotechnics and two background singer dancers in a 1 ½ music extravaganza.  NaQuila has been dancing professionally for several years and as a member on Lil Wayne’s entourage was a ghost behind much of his success, however unfortunate she did not get her 15 minutes of fame in the frontier.


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