NaQuila & Gambino find’s chemistry

NaQuila & Gambino find’s chemistry


After about 2 ½ months of dedicated and intensive studio work, it looks like we are starting to gain more focus on the nature of the material.  We are trying to develop what will be known as the 2020 sound and will try to flip more of NaQuila’s storylines into the lyrics.  So far we did a lot of political material but plan to try to drill more focus on as NaQuila would put it, “Seeing the world through my eyes and feeling my pain.”  I mean we know it is all about Sex, Love and Pain in the market and politics is taboo but that is what makes Stackz 2020 so damn special to the future of music, she is not afraid of the world affairs and truly has a loving heart.  But in reality I mean it is a story about a living nightmare of abusive situations in a man’s world that a strong black woman simply got tired of being afraid.  The question is where does it go from here and that is the NaQuila Drama to pay close attention to.


NaQuila L. Hardy “Stackz & Female Gotti” & Frank Paul Gambino plan to do in the area of 100 songs crossing many Genres of music.  NaQuila doesn’t feel she is one style of music, she does several styles and feels she is best represented as a Pop artist because she is able and willing to try about anything that has the 2020 sound regardless of genre. 


By the way the 2020 sound is not futuristic George Jetson FX, but music that is Stackz 2020 and Gambino approved, which is code for slamming stuff.


NaQuila is booked for a few shows in a couple of states and overseas and is working on a show not too extensive but representative of what she plans to present to the world in the near future.  We are in the process of mastering the first batch of songs and will put out a 4 song demo CD, for people to audition.  I think the project is developing well as we are using DAW technology and some of the technology is barely out of the Bata Stage as we are the pioneers of certain breakthroughs that will soon be the norm of future Digital Audio Workstations.


I think the project is just starting to mature and will get better with time like fine wine!


NaQuila L. Hardy was once a member of the Lil Wayne Cash Money entourage and Lil Wayne’s loss is Frank Paul Gambino and the Gambino Productions family gain.


Frank Paul Gambino



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