NaQuila to visit Lil Wayne @ Rikers

NaQuila to visit Lil Wayne @ Rikers


NaQuila Hardy AKA Stackz 2020 is contemplating on visiting Lil Wayne at Rikers Island.  An old friend Lil Wayne and former member of the entourage Cash Money Records plans to visit NYC in the summer of 2010 to see Lil Wayne.  Stackz 2020 formed an alliance with Frank Paul Gambino Productions.


Stackz a product of Florida and Gambino (who is a native New Yorker) plans are huge.  Paul who is product of Queensbridge the notorious project complex in Queens, New York, who is now located in Florida basically left the scene to handle Family business and work on this project, are working long hours in the studio.


In a mission based on trial and error the right formula will be found and a new sound discovered.  With Michael Jackson gone Gambino feels it is time to develop new trends and the next long term success in music and entertainment will be by a pacesetter.  And with technology as it is it is possible to reach millions of people with frequency without huge record company investments. 


NaQuila like any wise person hopeful of an opportunity in the business of music just wants an old friend’s blessing in Lil Wayne whom she helped with his career that was lifted to mega stardom wants Lil Wayne to be one of the first to her project, but does not want to be with Cash Money Records for business reasons.





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  1. Nice post! I really like your posting.
    i will come back to read more of your posts.
    specially about NaQuila to visit Lil Wayne @ Rikers


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