Lil Wayne Jail House Troubles

Lil Wayne Jail House Troubles

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Rumors have it that Lil Wayne an alleged blood figure is in fact clandestine.  The bloods of New York City is aware that a bloods street gang once tried to murder Lil Wayne and nobody knows as of yet if the bloods of New York City is going to extort Lil Wayne.  They are very powerful in the prison system and said to be mafia controlled. 


It is said that top members of the Gambino Crime Family is taking a serious interest in the situation, because Lil Wayne is a known money maker in the rap industry and could help New York acts have a resurgence and capture the southern market.




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  1. no gangsta go as hard as lil wayne n i think tht dey cant put a hit on him as he produces mre money then any other rapper atm!


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