50 Cent and Lil Wayne where’s the rivalry

Anthem of the Kings


50 Cent and Lil Wayne where’s the rivalry


Eminem, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne collaborated on a song called Anthem of the Kings, not one of their best performances.  However, recently 50 Cent disrespected Lil Wayne on his new album he called Lil Wayne lyric fake.


It is hard to tell where this is going because it seems like a business move by G Unit and not personal.  Lil Wayne was said to be the hottest rapper in 2009.  Yes 50 Cent is still probably larger than Lil Wayne, but Lil Wayne is moving up the ladder in a big way.


While it is said that 50 Cent called Lil Wayne collaboration ho, he collaborated with him on a new song.  With Lil Wayne on Lockdown at Rikers hopefully artists like 50 Cent, P Diddy and Jay Z all mega stars will find a way to get along



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  2. Fifty Cent…. 😀

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