Gambino Productions Scheme of things

Gambino Productions Scheme of things


Every master plan has a method.  Often major artist actually launder money to create huge record sales.  This is the speculations of Michael Jackson’s thriller album selling over 50 million copies.  MJJ and the Jackson clan are known to have major Gambino crime Family associates. And for this reason he owes people.

The music business and Hollywood has so many unethical qualities, like dig this you have to read some of the riders, and do not be surprised if MJJ had to but elephant bones as give backs to unethical promoters.  Hollywood is dirty with a high level network giving them availability to things not everyone can get.

My understanding of the situation is music is a base to a lot of other products, such as drugs and alcohol; late parties filling areas and you name it.  However with hard economy times spending is down on consumer products.  So salesmanship has to be on the money and the product has to be both quality and quantity.

I think accepting donations to do good things as a good thing and if we offer good quality services and is a fare exchange.  However I think illegal enterprising will; destroy non profit organizations.  If you are out to help other people as a priority things will happen in God’s time


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