Lil Wayne a Setup, Fool or Thug in GM

Lil Wayne a Setup, Fool or Thug in GM


Rikers Island is a dangerous place, like LA County Jail, it is heavily populated with people who are struggling in life.  Basically too often people do time in these types of facilities because they simply cannot bail out or are too poor for good legal representation.


Lil Wayne is said to be prepared to stay in General Population at Rikers Island, because he does not want to be treated special.  A senseless decision by Universal Records and the Cash Money entourage, because this is an act of neglect and will seriously put Lil Wayne in harms way  and for sure to get extorted, let us face it he is not at club feds, but is in a hell hole and an out of state resident.


I mean how did he end up taking this fall in the first place, a headliner superstar rapper should have many fall guys in his entourage, how did they determine it was his gun in the first place?  Then why was not there a licensed bodyguard on the bus to take passion of the weapon?


Personally the whole case is slap in the face for someone of his stature.  Then to leave him in general population at Rikers Island because he did not request differently on his own behalf show no signs of professionalism or concern by the Rikers Island authorities.  If he gets harmed or worst killed at Rikers due to these crazy ass decisions starting with a confessed guilty plea, you have to wonder is his management trying to have him whacked.


Personally I think he should be under some form of protective custody, hell they should send him to MCC-Detention Center (The Feds), but they are parts of two different courts.  However regardless if something unfortunate happens to this young man, due to this negligence his family should have a civil rights case against the City of New York and Mayor Bloomberg a bushiness man should be aware of this and step up and correct this SNAFU before disaster. 



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