Gambino Reaches out to Lil Wayne

Gambino Reaches out to Lil Wayne


Frank Paul Gambino sends a letter of support to Lil Wayne who is in Rikers Island and writes President Obama in support of Lil Wayne.  Gambino feels Lil Wayne has been misrepresented in the courts and was railroaded by the system.


Lil Wayne was convicted for gun possession and other charges in New York City and has another case opened in the state Arizona.  Lil Wayne is being tried in two courts basically for the same behavior and business arrangement.


Why the guns were automatically considered Lil Wayne’s because the bus was in his name is beyond me.  He is victim of terrible management, because for the protection of that multi-million entourage there should have been at least two licensed protection specialist, preferably with military and/or law enforcement experience.


In any case they acted street but not street smart and got caught up in the system.  I think he should be in Federal Court even if he pleads to the fact that the crimes did not originate in the states accusing him of the crimes.  This is a case of Federal Weapons violations being they crossed state lines.  He should have done one sentence in one prison for what took place.  Also NaQuila sends her regards to an old friend Lil Wayne and plans to go up to the Big Apple to visit him this summer, as she and Gambino attempt to promote the current music studio project in the City.


To be honest the whole thing is senseless, it cost $25G per year to maintain an inmate in an American prison on average and New York City has to be above the average.  Lil Wayne should be doing community service to bounce back the economy and the failing music industry.  In any case they cannot just railroad this young man.  Birdman should be ashamed of himself!


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  1. hi i m yassine
    i love lil wayne
    ouu yassine@life.usa

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