Lil Wayne’s Federal and State convictions could Run Concurrent

Lil Wayne’s Federal and State convictions could Run Concurrent


I think Lil Wayne really needs to get an OJ Simpson type legal team, because he is really fighting for his life.  Another day of freedom is not guaranteed to Lil Wayne.  They can forever come up with new charges.


He is said to have had a lawyer attempt to postpone the Federal case in Arizona.  Is that really a wise legal maneuver?  There is a term called concurrent sentencing and what happened in New York City can be rectified in sentencing him to serve his sentences concurrently. 


A concurrent sentence is a cumulative sentence when two convictions are served in prison at one time, basically in one place.  A Federal and State Conviction can be served together even if the convictions took place in different times.


It would seem that if Lil Wayne is to be the fall guy for the Cash Money and Young Money entourage he should go after the best deal and accommodations.  The case in Arizona was a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) bust and therefore Federal.  Federal prison terms are usually longer than state conviction sentencing, but the accommodations are more advantageous for a man in the entertainment business at celebrity status.


If Lil Wayne gets convicted by the FEDS and goes to court ASAP or immediately, the state of New York has the responsibility to see to it that he makes his appointments required by law and a Federal case requires his attendance. 


Meanwhile the FEDS want to increase the bail to the $150G area, when he is being held and is incarcerated in the state of New York.  I have to watch this one, because a blessing in disguise would be for the FEDS to remove him from Rikers Island and send him to MCC-Detention Center in Manhattan a Federal holding facility.  Then a wise move would be to have his case moved from Arizona to New York City because it is now his domicile.  Then he just might get a concurrent sentence, with excellent legal representation.


What is the sentencing guidelines for a two time loser in the Federal System for the crime he allegedly committed is at question, however regardless the Federal Court System is not limited to Arizona can the case can be moved and should be moved to New York City.


Steve Harvey the comedian, author, actor and radio personality is said to be a adviser of Lil Wayne.  Well this is advise to be considered seriously with a legal team and can be the basis of his choice for legal representation. 



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