The Marijuana Dilemma

The Marijuana Dilemma


The use of marijuana has been legalized in 14 states, though the Federal Government has not legalized marijuana they seem to be recognizing the state rights.  The question of law is that legal?  For example say a person gets a Federal conviction but clemency from his state of domicile, can he have a handgun in that state?  NO.  The Federal Laws supercedes the state level.  Therefore in reality marijuana laws a practiced in several states and there is a movement for change but it is not the case as of yet.  Medical



1. Marijuana is far less addictive than alcohol.

It is a scientific fact that Marijuana is less addictive most addictive products.  It is very popular in America can be domestically grown, taxed and controlled.  We should legalize Marijuana but the pharmaceutical companies knows it would make a lot of medication obsolete.

 In the United States over 2.3 million people are in jail on marijuana charge at approximately $25,000 per head at a booming cost of about $65B annual costs to the tax payers

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