The Mark of a One Way Ticket to Hell

The Mark of a One Way Ticket to Hell


What is hell?  People often speak on matters beyond their comprehension.   I use to think it was absurd for someone to think I hate them for being successful, Energetic and/or promising.  I would say to myself how a person can think such a thing.  But through life experiences I come to the realization that the mindset of the world and my mindset are like day and night literally.


People talk about the passive sheep and how they will inherit the Kingdom of the Lord.  “Be a good chump” they say and God will reward you.  The success network is not an elaborate scheme, but what it is is a sign of weakness and a need for protection and the result is often player hating.


People try to keep people down to protect there interest of selfish wealth, meaning they strive off of the blood of the poor and oppressed and do not uplift.  The uplifting of the masses would make them less than because they are often inferior people in position of power and they are aware of there lack of ability.


We live in a time of trials and tribulation, the world as we know it is about to cease and those who sold their soul to Satan wear devil symbols on themselves in the form of tattoos and getting married to same sex partners all death giveaways.  Meanwhile the Freemasons takes off his ring and mixes in society.  As they say, “look at those damn fools you can spot the devil henchmen from a mile away.”  The blood was put on each door to identify people of a certain purpose.  “Look at that fool he has a tattoo on his damn head and that one his whole body is a tattoo.


Entertainment or should we say entertainers are often the Judas Goat that leads the passive sheep to hell.  They do things and create trends for the masses to follow so that it serve a cause for Satan and the Illuminati.  Tattoos are no more than the mark of the beast in physical actual form.  Symbolically the MOTB is a complex symbolic lesion, but for now know if you are an entertainer wear a bunch of tattoos you are a sellout to he Illuminati.  Little Wayne, Birdman, 50 Cent, and the list goes on forever, you are all sellouts to the while man.  Save your soul and as Jesus would say it remove theme marks from you body.  You have our children doing that crazy shit now!  Oh I forgot you’ll are a bunch of grown ass kids.

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