Is Jesus the Son of Man a white man?

Is Jesus the Son of Man a white man?


Let me tell you a short story as a child I has born with exceptional gifts, that were unexplainable. I had it made for a project’s child, I had no idea I was poor in the Queensbridge Projects.  However, my parents had special plans for me. 


As a child I served the Mafia and made us all a lot of money, by time I was 16 years old I was worth a $20 million dollar settlement.  My parents discussed my future with me and basically it was decided I would go for the gusto *The World).  For many years suffered.  My money was invested with people who seemed to have forgot who’s money they have.


Even as the spirit of God dwells within me and I guess I was made or designed by God to be able to manifest the power of the spirit which always drains me out.  I do not like receive the spirit because it is enormous pressure that comes with it.


So I say in all honesty; I can say I was above the law but put myself under the law and even as I can say I am without sin being above the law, by putting myself under the law I became a sinner to save those who are weak.  Look at the picture am I white?  I was simply given as a ransom to the Mafia as a child and put under hypnosis.


I been through the ringer doing everything in the book and what I would not do willingly the spirit of the lord allowed to happen to me, because it was my mission to suffer in this world of the Illuminati (Satan) whose time is about up.  For this reason world affairs are as they are, because the world is Godless and is being run by the devil himself who are many and an order among men.


We are at the darkest point in history, with war, diseases and poverty all around the world.  But at the darkness moment comes light and let me tell you there is life at the end of the tunnel.  The mission of God’s children is to survive by all means necessary for vengeance is the Lords and his Army, they will fight a hell of a war soon.  It is just a matter of time whereby hands will have to open or be cut off.  Am I God?  I say that when under the full power of the spirit I and God become one like a transmission of a signal being received at another place and therefore in the spirit I am with him.  The Code!


When will the Son return to mankind and settle all these matters is know only by the Father and not even the Son.  So in the interim I will be called crazy by people who claim they care about me, I will be called a false prophet, I will struggle financially, I will be lonely but I will return.


And when ask who offended me I will answer to my General of the Army the whole damn world.  Then the question will be asked if I forgive them and many will be called but chosen will be few.  So who will have the last laugh?


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