The Gangsters National Alert

The Gangsters National Alert


Every so often the gangland has what is known as a war.  During the war people die, mostly because they are bad blood, but some go out due loyalty to a person considered bad blood and of course there are those who get hit due to retaliation.


There are a lot of things going on now in America today with a really screwed up economy.  However the focus is on Hollywood, there is too much scum in Hollywood and some of it has to be removed.  What happened is that there was a circle that developed as a result of the circle intended to keep a balance.  They are the gay mob, who perverted our investment and they have to be removed as property management.


The Mafia and the associates are now on alert which means they are ready to make a move within hours.  The concern is our investment in the music industry, television and radio (Entertainment).


Clear Channel Communications must remain a dominate force in radio, Live Nation in tour promotions and Ticket Master in concert ticket sales.  Basically what measures that must take place are the measure to fulfill the negotiations as describe in the following hyperlink.  The Final Settlement Request:

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