The Third World War (WWIII)

The Third World War (WWIII)


The Economic Crisis


By: Frank Paul Gambino


Old Money = Illuminati = the New World Order


New Money = Mafia and Associates


1: AIDS a biological weapon developed in 1976.


2: Banking Deregulation Act of 1980 created the S&L Scandal Passed by Reagan


3: Saving and Loans Crisis from about 1986-1991 – Money leaves the system old money loses, new money gains.


4: The Savings and Loans Bailout 1989 passed by Bush Sr. – Tax payers bail out the old money.


5: The Technology Bubble 1995-99-2000 –New money makes a killing.


6: The Technology Bubble Burst 2000-03 – Old money gets into the game late and new money pulls money out of the system.


7: Enormous Government Debt grows to present – self explanatory.


8: Rescue Bill 2008-09 – New money comes back into the system and is taxed, by the government and buys old money bad investments.


9: Economy recovers as new money pumps money back into the system and old money is stabilized.


10: Inventor to the cure to AIDS becomes one of the riches men in the world. The Son of Man settles with the new money and leaves them.


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