Does Pres. Obama Healthcare Bill Go Far Enough?

Does Pres. Obama Healthcare Bill Go Far Enough?


President Obama Healthcare bill passed by 219-212 margin so now what?  Healthcare alone cost America about 18% of the GDP in 2009 at about $2.5 Trillion or about $8,000 per U.S. Resident.  This is with a projection of the costs doubling by 2018 to about $13,000 per resident.  The costs of healthcare are growing faster than anywhere in the world.


The bottom line is that the pharmaceutical industry is getting away with extortion.  While the government spends over $28 Billion on medical research and people ask should research paid for by the people be free or at least cheaper.  Meanwhile the pharmaceutical industry spent about $280 Million on pharmaceutical research in 2009.  The numbers do no square.


We need America ways of doing business reform:


Education Reform


How About Trade Reform?


How about Warfare Reform?


How About Prison & AIDS Research Reform


The way I see it to have a truly just America we need to do more than just reform healthcare, the whole American system needs to be revamped.


By the way when we speak about the GDP = Gross Domestic Product be aware of the Nations deficit.  The National deficit was over $1.5 Trillion which is another 10% in unnecessary costs due to corporate greed.  If we had no deficit in international trade that alone would solve our health care costs problems not to mention these other suggested reforms


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