The Gambino Master Plan Activated

The Gambino Master Plan Activated


After careful consideration and a receiving I realize I must open the eyes of the blind.  I want to reach out to the people the world gave up upon as well as the educated that can think outside the box.


Coupling the National Community Network and Coalition, INC and the Apostle Paul Society we will be able to reach many people with the truth about the world events and the true interpretation of the Bible and other religious documents.


I have come to the realization that in order for me to plant good fruit I first must prepare the soil and plant good seed.  I wanted to open an elderly center but got no support, however my Church is already funded to get started, and however there are other expenses.


Being I was the Chaplain of the Pride of Avon Freemasons, I feel it is the natural transition to head the Church, with is my calling and we will spread.


The Master Setup


People will donate money to the coalition out of honor to me and the Gambino Family.


The Church will reveal the truth about this evil world and I dear Satan to challenge my teachings and it any truth spills it will be the Illuminati. 


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  1. Is nudity permitted on this blog??


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