The Joe Biden Secret Service Conspiracy

The Joe Biden Secret Service Conspiracy


Frank Paul Jones


To: Open Letter to President Barrack Obama

From: Frank Paul Jones AKA Paul Castellano

RE: Question Reference @@@@@@@@@@

Date: 23 March 2010


Dear Mr. President;


I did not understand the response as being solved because we are in an even more serious situation.


To be straight forward I think the decision is unethical, as I understand Vice President Biden is aware of what is taken place because is personal security makes regular calls to ???????  for personal reasons or undercover operations to spy on me.  Either way it is unethical because either your Secret Service Homeland Security personnel are trying to take advantage of the situation sexually or he just is not worth a damn.


I have to go to Bay Pines VA on XX March X0X0 for an eye exam if I can arrange transportation I will be there.  My appointment is X:00 PM.  I would like to meet with someone from your office at that time.


If the Security agent name is Walt McNeil the man is my cousin on my mother’s side and I would appreciate if he stops trying to trick at my house.  I will get back to you on this; I want to name addresses that are vacant to prove that homelessness may well be a conspiracy here in Highlands County to fill the jails.


Walt comes from a family that think everyone in is suppose to run trains on woman, and her situation is personal due to a powerful family here in Highlands County called the Wilson’s and Walt is one of them.  If we cannot solve the problems I think the nonsense conversations come to a halt. 




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