Hope for JEWS

Hope for JEWS


We are living in the last days of the world as we know it.  The weather condition changes to the world economy are signs of the last days.  We are faced with wars and rumors of even more wars, huge earthquakes devastation of whole lands are happening (Haiti).


I tell you the truth when I say, we must “Keep Hope Alive,” more now than ever.  The world will be like night and day in as little as 5 years.  Cures to diseases will be released, wars will end and peace will once again be the mindset of man.  Believe me when I tell you this which I believe is a revelation, “God Gave Us Stem Cell Technology,” and it will save lives and give them the excuse to release the cure to AIDS, as if it does not already exist.


Watch when I tell you this, people now wheelchair bound will walk again.  The Light Of the World which is the Spirit of God is going to light up the mind of the Son of Man who was sent to save and conquer the world to make it once again loving and equal to the degree of your character.   


God is here, the god of the Earth Satan time is about up.  When the darkest moment happens in life my people understand there is literally light at the end of the tunnel.  There is light after the darkest moment.  WE ARE AT THE DARKEST MOMENT LET THE LIGHT SHINE!


I tell you that the black nation in America is the true Jews.  A Jew is the chosen people by God and so we were to suffer, but the adopted Jew is one who has faith in the SON.  We were the oppressed, the slaves, the incarcerated and diseased, drugged and drugged out with narcotics.  And Hell knew no color!  For he who will kill for me I come to save!


All as I suffered my people suffered even more so.  Because I knew I could do what I did with the Mafia and not the Nation of Islam, for they would have been wiped off of earth or I would have had to wipe them the Illuminati off the face of the earth.  However the home coming is soon and the meek will inherit the earth.  I apologize for my lack of support to brothers like Jesse, Louis and Al and am ashamed of the treatment Malcolm and Dr. King.  But you got your black President in this world; they tried to move too soon.   But I did what I had to do ad not what I wanted to do and that is the Human character. 


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