Lil Wayne’s & Others Lockdown Insurgence Unionize Now

Lil Wayne’s & Others Lockdown Insurgence Unionize Now


Unlike most of entertainment in Hollywood and Hollywood being a state of media and not a place or time.  The fictional experience has become so real in the lives of the artist as such in Lil Wayne and others like Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane whom are now in prison.


Part of the problem is management because music is a cut throat enterprise and many of the upcoming artists are replications of old business practices.  Often they start as independent record labels and are picked up by major labels for better more comprehensive distribution.  The main difference between major labels and independent labels are the distribution networks.


So due to the lack of professionalism and high level protection operations they are doing it alone and are entrapped by more organized and yet hungry opportunists.    And there is a solution to this dilemma being the old fashion Union.


I call on John Gotti Junior and Louis Farrakhan to understand that even the USA and USSR joined into an alliance and America must talk to Libya we must demonstrate and exemplify the ability to agree to disagree and accomplish common goals to overcome the Illuminati


John A. Gotti:  Put my men to work in the protection business legally with gun permits that can cross state boarders.  I want bus companies with large fleets on contract and contracts with major record labels to protect their artist on the road.


Louis Farrakhan:  You will be the head of Q&A (Quality Assurance).  We will concentrate on a lot of black independent artists in their travels on tours.  The Fruit of Islam should be paid well for the services.  They will work side by side with the Gambino Family.  This is black business start up and independence and oversight to keep it ethical.  The Fruit of Islam will be known ad a trade union to hire black people.


Al Sharpton:  Please start a church or join mine’s and help develop it.  The church allows us to congregate felons on parole together so they can enterprise legally.  Knowing many of them had nothing but time to think I am aware they are intellectual assets.  We have the muscle legally with gun permits.  Al will be the front line speaker.  Please go and see some of these men in prison and you will identify the conspiracy.  Exactly what is needed we will not be known until we assess the situation first hand?  Go see my nephew Dahoud Smith he did enough time and is an intellectual asset.  Please report to Rev. Jesse Jackson.


Jesse Jackson:  Handle the finances.  This is a profitable operation that requires joining prepared but idle forces into alliance and put into motion for a demand called protection.  We must protect our wealthy black artist from the conspiracy of a weak market.  In return I expect these people to give 10% to the good charities and not only my church, but I cannot be ignored I must eat also!



The Bloodline of Satan  






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