The Gambino’s Find’s Favor in Lil Wayne

The Gambino’s Find’s Favor in Lil Wayne


The Attorney General Eric Holder


I have not heard from Bro. Dwayne Carter, I gave some good advice to the brother and there is more where that came from, but not for Internet posting.  I see Bro. Farrakhan, Bro. Jackson and Bro. Sharpton wants to reach out to the young brother.  I see other people care about the young man.


John Jr. is showing an interest but what can we do for the brother realistically.  We can lobby at the White House, and the Mayor and Governor of New York Offices.  All these three leaders are honorable men of men and the Governor of New York Paterson may well be a lame duck.  I want two clemencies for my Nephew Dahoud Smith and a consideration of Dwayne running concurrent sentences with the Federal Court.


I see the severity of his crimes and understand that we do not snitch, but we do have fall guys, as John Gotti took the fall for us, we live large and went to prison.  But did he really die?  Or did he go through the back door?  Back to the point! We cannot ignore these guns and drugs I mean it was ridiculous. 


He can do 5 years at Butner North Carolina and get 15% time off and run the sentences concurrent and get out in about 4 years, with state good time also.  I might be able to figure out a better solution in the future, however this is what is now@!

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