We must wakeup & do the 2010 Census

We must wakeup & do the 2010 Census


Avon Park, FL is the laughing hoard of Highlands County.  Avon Park is a duplication of the common black communities of America.  We complain in vain all around America, as schools, bridges, roads, housing, railroads and the list goes on are funded all over the place, you hear people say here in Avon Park, FL, why we do not get this or that by the Federal Government.  But funding does not go to desolate places and if we are not counted we get no funds.


Regardless of our status or situation we have to be counted to attract federal funding.  We can complain about what we do not have but we do it to ourselves, by not filling out this simple form and feel intruded upon by Census employees as they visit our homes.  There is one amiable right of all Americans and it is not to vote that is a privilege, but it is the right to be counted and served based on our locations.


I call on the black local churches and local black leaders all over America to pay close attention to this activity taking place now.  Sure we have the HealthCare Reform Act of 2010, but where will these funds be allocated?  I say to President Obama and black leaders like Minister Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev, Al Sharpton to mechanize the black community like never before.  This may well be bigger than the battle for equal rights and the right to vote, this may well determine how all the results of modern medical and other technologies are allocated in the near future.  It can mean the difference between life and death; it could mean the difference between homelessness and housing.  Think about it!  It means employment!  In one of the most under served communities, we have to get motivated.



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