The Hip Hop Dead Shall Rise

The Hip Hop Dead Shall Rise


Is it a culture, I can remember the chorology of Hip Hop, but that is not important.  What is of the most concern is the state of Hip Hop today.  I think in order for a real comprehensive recovery plan can take place in the music industry it first has to resolve the current trend in the music industry.


Let us face it big labels create fame and depts.  Look at Michael Jackson, the King of Pop the third all time in record sales, behind the Beatles and Elvis Presley, died a broken man so that say.  I’ve seen people disappear cheaper than that and not die but go into a program with a new identity.    


Now these young men who may have started out slinging drugs found a better life slinging intellectual property.  But big shots are losing out to imitators in the security business.  I knew from my time in the military that discipline is a learned behavior and in a life or death situation you need to be true to one.


With the economy as it is it is form of extortion against those considered extortionist being those of the Rap industry. Let us face it we have bunch of either wannabe gangsters or people who really lived the life they are selling on their albums.


So with this weak economy the weak links are being attacked first, so they can build momentum, but those who think they are untouchable may well have their turn and go down also.  If Michael Jackson can disappear and Lil Wayne can be facing 10 years for simply touring like an amateur with guns and drugs and cash money, the sign of a drug dealer.  I reached out to the brother and he returns an express letter with my correct contact information, and accepted the mistake, it is on him.


It’s time to setup a nationwide protection network with a syndicate consisting  basically personnel from the Gambino Family and the Fruit of Islam, both families need to recruit people with the proper experience, education, heart and desire to travel 8 months out of a year full time or less part time.


Let’s get it rolling.


Congratulations to President Obama on the Healthcare Act of 2010.


Frank Paul Ganbino


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