The United Protection Syndicate

The United Protection Syndicate


Concert Venues in the US Hyperlink


The protection syndicate has to have no boundaries in the United States.  We have to network territorial alliances, using the code of street justice.


Up front there will be security teams that will have gun permits, hopefully with law enforcement and/or military experience.  We have to cover the venues nationwide and the surrounding areas.  Due to these times of war a good psychological evaluation must take place, with these wars and all.


We need to send Gambino representatives to the West Coast to setup a similar system of operation as that of the East Coast.  We call on the Crips and Bloods to work in harmony, with the FOI and Gambino employees.  We also need our street connections associated with tour promoters such as Live Nation, ALL-Good Entertainment and so on.


The idea is that artists are crossing state lines with illegal guns and drugs are ridiculous and has to be rectified.  All supplies necessary for the proper function of artist should be supplied at each site to include alcohol and marijuana where legal.  We do not supply illegal substances.


The general picture is as so; we will escort and service the traveling entourages.   This will protect them from stupid court cases and dangerous haters.  I guess each tour entourage should have a go-for team that is connected nationwide to all necessary supplies to include unionized personnel.  All this has to be coordinated and all logistics must be resolved.


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