Artists held to Higher Standards

Artists held to Higher Standards


Have you ever read a rider to an artist contract on tour, it goes to show that the artists are the “N-word” of entertainment and this is not meant to be a black thing.  It is about standards and for the music industry it is low and manipulative.


Like you heard about an artist having bowls of all red jelly beans or buying elephant bones, the code is extortion.  You hear about artist being strung out on drugs for long periods of time with multi-million contracts, as they have in their custody over 5+ million young minds.


On the other hand drug use is not allowed in most professional sports, especially performance enhancer drugs.  The one good thing about a major label is they are supposed to be organized but are they really?


The goal of the United Protection Syndicate is to bring together tough guys. Wise guys, intellectuals and Protection Specialist as a seal of professionally mechanize talent and to cut down on the disorder.


The idea is everybody gets paid, but nobody has to spend time in jail for touring.  You should not have to go to jail for going to work.  I mean if an artist wants to smoke weed he/she should get a medical use license and personally I think the guidelines to its use should be expanded.  I think for the average person marijuana is much safer than alcohol; the danger is buying this stuff on the streets instead of a drug store.


With medical technology as is, just about everyone is on something, with cures insight but not on the table we have to ride on the road of perpetual treatments.  In any case the United Protection Syndicate is supposed to represent that everything is legal and professional and if you come at a UPS convey you have to come right legally and with enough muscle.  Glamour with knowledge and muscle is merely flamboyant clowns. 


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