Is it the Business of Music or a Drug Cartel?

Is it the Business of Music or a Drug Cartel?



Drugs have long been a part of the music industry.  For many years artist were slaves to unscrupulous opportunists.  Drugs have and still are a controlling factor of many artists. Does Michael Jackson ring a bell?  OK he didn’t get busted but his isolation allowed him to be officially terminated and drugs was the culprit.


Above is a hyperlink to 100 celebrity drug busts, you will notice a disproportionate number are into the music and film industry.  These are industries that require people to thrive on fame or artificial realities and dramas and as long as they can act or perform they seem to get a pass.  The problem is like the first Superman they often start to believe the hype that they are more than they actually are to themselves and the law enforcement.


True children often look up to athletes but they are often misguided by a bunch of drug addicts, and I mean these people go beyond marijuana, alcohol and tobacco. They pop ETC (ecstasy) today’s version of acid and hit crack cocaine with multi millions of income.  So there personal usages levels are extraordinary.  They are no the common person buying a dime and getting busted for paraphernalia after the fact as people in poor communities do.  Get 6 months for a pipe with residue, no they have the amounts of drugs that the neighborhood pusher handles, so what does that make them?


At first glance we assume that they have habits, are traveling into unknown territories and just simple carry their stash for long periods of uses.  But even poor people use plastic, so when I hear about an artist getting busted with huge amounts of drugs, guns and MONEY, you have to wonder!  Banks are nationwide, ATM’s are everywhere, so touring with huge sums of cash and drugs has to turn on flood lights.


I mean you can have a person at the Headquarters stationed there to handle money and make sure the entourage is fully supplied and all reservations are set.  Check out the hyperlink about at the title and tell me if you want all these people babysitting your children minds in music and film. 



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