Capstone Zulu Arise

Capstone Zulu Arise

 You think I AM Bad Take One

Gambino Productions forms its first band.  However unusual in its arrangement, because normally when you hear about a band, you hear about musical artist or a group of singers, but this is a Gambino Production.


Frank Paul Gambino AKA Capstone Zulu, the Son of Man and King of Kings to include the King of Pop, Rock and R&B.  The true Don and real life shot caller brought together a special unit.


With NaQuila Hardy AKA Stackz Gotti taking the lead vocals along with Capstone Zulu who is the Producer also and Composer and  writer, aligned himself with his engineers and composers and rappers to form Capstone Zulu.  


NaQuila L. Hardy and Capstone are working together also on her solo project and have been in the studios for about 4 months, as there are new beginnings for Capstone Zulu the Band.


There is a giveaway, consisting of Capstone Zulu during the first studio session on a song to be called “You think I AM Bad, (But I’M not).”


Apostle Paul


PS: Stay Tuned!


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