The Secret Order of the Illuminati & Prophesy

The Secret Order of the Illuminati & Prophesy




Here we see Nazi symbolism with the Oak leaves as well as an olive branch.

The CIA coat of arms also displays both the oak leaves and the olive branch.


I have been called a schemer for thinking outside the box.  Who is the Illuminati or more importantly what are they a secret society?   They are rulers whose time is up, they are Satan and Satan is a Union of evil people.  They created and destroyed nations since the beginning of civilization.


The Illuminati headquarters is located in Bavaria, between Austria and Germany the home of Hitler, yet it was never bombed during WWII because they have the US Government by the testicles.  They were behind the American Revolution and created this great government whose time served its purpose and now they want to destroy America with the Economic Crisis or WWIII. 


For example what makes a great prophet?  You have a person who tells you what is going to happen and why, now what separates a great prophet from an average orator, is it his ability to convince people to act upon his judgment?  Now I will tell you the biggest mystery in the simplest terms, but first I ask a question.  Was Notradomus a great predictor or did the Illuminati make his predictions happen?  Was he a schemer and with plots for European dominance?    Using the plot of predictions as a cover for his agenda?  “I had Dream.” 


The bottom line is this it is not the ability of a prophet to see the future but to design it.  It is the power of the people to carryout a master plan and first faith is needed.  I can reveal to you the deepest and most powerful secrets given me innate by God as was my insight of the Bavarian Illuminati.  But is it my job to be the word and not the hands.  I can introduce to you a system to protect our interest as in the UPS, but if you do not carryout the logistics it means nothing.   


The only way to overcome Satan is by a United Front because he has things under control. Of course you can sellout the Lord for more food stamps and social programs or you can die fighting.  People say I love the Lord and he died for them, but are they willing to die for the Lord.  If you are not willing to kill and die for the Lord you are not a warrior of God so do not front with the do good crap.  Easter is a fraud and so are Christians, Jews and Muslims, but not the people the religion itself!



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