Gambino offers Gotti Powerful Roles in Movies

Everybody has Demons Gambino offers Gotti Powerful Roles in Movies


With two screenplays on the market for production, Frank Paul Gambino offers John Gotti a role and a tip.  The Apostle is a true story about how things are really done in the Underworld and Government.  It is a shocker!  Other than Frank Paul Gambino AKA Paul Castellano the real Paul, there are leading roles to portray The Dapper Don his father John Gotti a close friend and business associate for many years and the Frank Clark Jones his stepfather.


Also there is a movie called “Everybody Has Demons,” a crime drama that deals with personal issues that drive people to do wrong.  Actually in this one John would get only a supporting role as a secret agent along with Ice-T.  Check out the hyperlink above to the soundtrack of “Everybody has Demons.” Performed by NaQuila Hardy and produced by Frank Paul Gambino and written together by them both.


The Tip:  People are not ready for the truth, as it is before them they ignore it as if it were a game.  These two movies are packed with real Mafia and/or Government facts and fictional content to protect the innocent and guilty both.  The truth needs to be told the truth that is!  The common bad guys Mafia tales outlived its use with was to make people fear us as we did the dirty work for the common man who was and is being oppressed.  The truth will shock the world.


Good luck on the documentary, however Paramount Communications is Gambino and we should be well budgeted in all screen endeavors. 

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  1. good movie

  2. Really enjoyed the piece about John Gotti jr. on 60 Minutes. So basically, it took a story about the mob to cheer me up. really, Not a great night…

  3. […] Gambino offers Gotti Powerful Roles in Movies […]

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