Everybody Has Demons excitement

Everybody Has Demons excitement


The word was put out and a BUZZ created concerning the hot screenplay by Frank Paul Jones AKA Paul Castellano, a crime drama about the personality defects that lead us all astray.  The writer wants the movie filmed on sight which is Avon Park, FL, which are 80 miles from Orlando, about 90 miles from Tampa and 161 miles from Miami.  With plans for a major overhaul and community development, with supermarkets such as Western Beef which is rightfully property of Paul Castellano as a gift from Carlo Gambino, that was stolen by Big Paul, which lead to his demise.


Paramount Pictures and other Gambino properties have been selected by me as the movie production company to carry the screenplay into motion picture.  I remember when this happened I was in California at the time this is not as threat but things happen when something that belongs to you is withheld from the owners use.  Universal Studios caught fire 2008 causing millions of dollars in property damage.  Things happens sometimes Red Sumner!  We want equal access to our properties.


“Everyone has Demons” is an excellent screenplay to be filmed in a very small economy; it would boost the town’s economy and would be an on sight production.  Highland County, Florida an undeveloped goldmine 11 feet above sea level in central Florida offers a great opportunity for the film industry by allowing budget to film to remain realistic.   The County is the size of New Orleans with a population of about 18,000, open to all types of light industry and development and I want this movie to put the area on the MAP.


Town leaders said the Movie must be done now!  The filming of the movie would require destruction of old property in the Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area that would create a surge in the economy by cleaning up Delaney Avenue from dilapidated properties.  A town leader said, “If all we get is a few office buildings, a Laundry mate, bank ATM and Supermarket we will praise the Lord for that but we do this anyway and he will answer our prayers.   Avon Park deserves to be blessed and they will be soon!



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