Hollywood Demons Brings Demolition to Avon Park

Hollywood Demons Brings Demolition to Avon Park


In the Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area of Highlands County, Florida, property owners are getting inline to idea of bringing Hollywood to its small City.  In a few recent years Avon Park a City in Highlands County has been trying to clean up these parts of the streets to bring legitimate business back to the area. 


Even the clergy in Avon Park are all for the production of “Everybody Has Demons” (which is a crime drama) because even though it falls under a crime drama, its underlying messages is that we all have character defects and when kept as a deep dark secret it can cause us to do some very unethical and even illegal things.  To sum it all up that is what “Everybody has Demons,” is all about.


One of the main scenes take place if filmed on sight would bring the camera crew to Delaney Avenue a famous area in this Red Line District.  Worshipful Master Eston Roberts who recently pass away to the Celestial Lodge in Heaven has always supported investment in the black communities of Highlands County and Delaney Avenue is being left behind without investment capital.


Anyway there is this really explosive scene in “Everybody Has Demons,” do not want to give it away but this 1:45 hr flick is full of action and thought provoking dialogue.  It deals with issues of Hypnotic Provoked activities, which can drastically influence the mind “a Mafia and Government Secret.”   In this much focused screenplay full of action and thoughts you will address for years to come, because it is designed that way.


Avon Park is calling on the Hollywood big shots to invest in them in Quid pro quo arrangement..  Red Sumner of Paramount Pictures is being called, but we all know many are called but chosen are few.  Paramount Pictures is our choice and may we be there’s also.


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  1. […] Hollywood Demons Brings Demolition to Avon Park « Frank Paul Gambino […]

  2. […] Hollywood Demons Brings Demolition to Avon Park « Frank Paul Gambino […]

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