The Apostle Paul Speaks about Demons

The Apostle Paul Speaks about Demons


The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC believes that black communities especially has to be more self defined. 


Avon Park is a Gold Mine and I welcome my friends to invest in this location.  We have some special landmarks that are fitting to the screenplay “Everybody has Demons.”  There have been some offers to roles but we know we will need a director to pull this off and express my thoughts. 


We have locations sowed up and the prices are right.  The screenplay is protected by the Screenwriters Guild until 2014; I want the filming to start by the end of the years 2010.  As I do all my material I plan to copyright the screenplay and write a sequel as certain characters that I would consider underdogs in life grow to a more powerful understanding of self.


 I want this screenplay made into a motion picture and then I might release the Apostle another screenplay about little Paul Castellano, whom is I AM. 


As for community restoration we want to destroy Delaney Avenue Red Line District and rebuild it.


We want a recording studio place inside of our commercial property, we want Delaney Avenue restored into office space, we want a laundry mate in the black community and a supermarket I prefer a Western Beef.  These are things everyone should be with and not special concessions.  


My concern with Paramount Pictures is that enough be reinvested in the community. I mean we live in a county where the courthouse buildings have some boarded up spots due to budgets and the only hustle people have is the drugs game.  Lawyers complain there is not enough business in town; I want to bring them business.


I am against drugs or a person having to sell them to survive.  But we all sell ourselves one way or another.  Point being made is that the drug game has become chaotic and unorganized and unsafe to harbor in ones community.  We all use drugs of some type, being nothing is cured anymore.  So I will bless Marijuana and condone its use and sales on Delaney Avenue.  Hard drugs must move from Delaney Avenue because it is my community and Headquarters’ location.  Those who hustle must be charitable and that is the one of the commandments the other is to treat people the way you want to be treat provided you want to be loved.


Those who want to be love will in fact be loved because of the loving attractions. 


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