The Godfather of Urban Music

The Godfather of Urban Music


How can he be the Godfather of Urban Music and is laterally unknown by the populace?  AKA Frank Paul Gambino Productions whom is the King of Kings can certainly maintain another title if he is determined to do so.  Does anyone dispute this? 

Everything is going fine as me and NaQuila L. Hardy AKA Stackz2020 and Female Gotti have been working hard as well as the staff at the Coalition & Network.  There are a few problems that may require problem solvers from up North!  Most of my problems can be solved through mindset conversions.  We are trying to do so much that great leaps are going unnoticed.  So people will not see the light until it shines with brilliance, though it shines now.  In the meanwhile it comes to question concerning who will be used as an example down here to get some order.  Some people are being disrespectful towards the property of my family and friends and are trying to treat the property like they do in the projects in New York City prior to Bloomberg.  If Law fails to enforce we will have no other choice to maintain our property value.

I shut down for computer maintenance a few days and found something that was an anomaly.  Lil Wayne is getting an unusually high number of hits on my web sites.  I do not know if there is a problem in New York City, however he can always reach us.  However everything is Quid pro quo.  With him it is all business and not personal and should be handled as so.  The United Protection Syndicate should also have Correctional Officers on the Payroll, or former CO’s and it should be all good in the prison system.

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  1. lmao sweet info man.

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