Frank Paul Gambino & NaQuila is an Item?

Frank Paul Gambino & NaQuila is an Item?


Gambino finally clears himself.  After many years of pursuing a dream reality rung, as Gambino finds a real and true mate.  What may be garbage to one person can be a treasure to another as two people who found no love in their past relations find love in each other.  Where will the relationship go only time will tell, but the commitment is to give it every chance to develop as wedding bells may enter the picture in the future.  There are rumors of a secret marriage between the two, but the affair is still in intro early stages as financial concerns for a long term relationship are one of the focuses as well as getting to really understand each other.  That said!


Rumors have it they are dating, working on music together, have become lovers,  really have deep feelings about each other and are always together day and night, so as for Lil Wayne and Janet Jackson, remember what is one person’s garbage can be another person’s treasure.


Frank Paul Gambino was allegedly obsessed with Janet Jackson so the tabloids explained, as was NaQuila with Lil Wayne, but it was more to this than feeling a lot of money was involved and when a person wants to love and be loved eventually the love will be found as it appears to have happened.


There were also early rumors that they were cousins however this is not true; however in this small town it is common for people to have ties with the same cousins as is the case.  However, with some certainty the same blood-line does not run through their veins, however in any case the love is real and it is too late as they puts it to turn back.  Frank Paul Gambino and NaQuila L. Hardy have become the town’s conversation piece as NaQuila is fine as can be at the tender age of 31 and Gambino is 51, a noticeably difference in age, but hey this is a Gambino, a smart and talented man who simply lacked one thing a real partner he found in her.


So it is time to say Goodbye to Janet Jackson and Lil Wayne two on the downfall and ups to Frank and NaQuila whose time has come!  As Frank and NaQuila has both been mistreated by celebrities and taken advantage of in the process, lied on and disrespected, but never gave up on love. 


All to say if you have a problem with one you have a problem with the both of us; we are a team, two who were stagnated by the selfishness of others, whom are both intelligent.  And anyone who gets in our way will be dealt with accordingly, be it in the entertainment industry or personal or in any way, will be considered an aggressive adversary.  So let the past be the past and live and let live!

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