Lakeside Nightclub and Properties a giveaway in Avon Park

Lakeside Nightclub and Properties a giveaway in Avon Park


Photos come later because of the nature of the state of the demographics.  As Delaney Avenue is in the process of a facelift as old properties are being renovated under a redevelopment plan, the famous “Beachfront Nightclub,” a Lakeside property has been renovated and is crumbling before our eyes.


The Beachfront once the night jewel of Avon Park, once owned by the Wilson Family has a serious problem, which is no water.  As the City holds the water pipes on one end and the County on the other the City of Avon Park is blocking the reopening of the infamous nightclub.  This sounds like a job for the Gambino Family and a strong law firm.


This valuable piece of real estate can go at a much lower price than its face value price because of these logistical problems; it will never reopen and will turn to dust unless investment tycoons step in.  We are talking about a nightclub and motel located right outside the City Lines in a town without one major black night venue.


It is allegedly now owned by a man from Haiti, who is all in and cannot reopen the club that was closed down years ago, after a major drug bust. 


The Beachfront Motor Lodge, 301 Garrett Rd, Avon Park, FL 33825 is up for grabs.  It has to be worth at least $350G to $500G and might go for as little as $50G for a strong controlling share.  The place is in need of new management and new investment capital, to bring water and sewage into the club.  This is a great business opportunity for someone interested in this type of business.  The Beachfront has long been the number one night spot for the R&B Genre in Avon Park and is a landmark that cannot go ignored.


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