The Power of Normality

The Power of Normality


If the first law of nature is self preservation, then what is the power of normality?  With wealth they say comes more problems, I do not know, for in my humble life I was without a lot of material and emotional things.  What is wealth must I ask?  Is wealth material, psychological, emotional, of the five senses or even spiritual?  Then we can honestly ask ourselves what is the power of normality?


Delusional a term unwisely used by the unspiritual, is not what we are told it to be.  I believe a black man too wise will be determined delusional or a trader to his race of people.  For how can a truly wise man not be delusional to the status quo, who by nature will feel threatened by this uncontrolled wisdom?


So we must determine that if things are not as they seem, than what is wealth?   They say if one had the faith of mustard seed, he could move mountains and we of the spiritual will walk by faith and not by sight.  For the faith walk is a walk that says that three men were given money and one hid it from sight and was rebuked by God’s Son of Man in a parable.  Wealth is the illusion of greatness and the belief in such greatness and the doer is the body of the Son of Man the Apostle Paul.


My brothers and sisters we have to join as a unified force coupled by the God of salient words, for is the Son of Man to you all.  My great black leaders must retransmit the message to the flock, for even he has made himself weak and under the law being the Constitution whereby he was above it by the Confederation’s standards. 


The Capstone


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