NaQuila is real Communications in Music

NaQuila is real Communications in Music


Getting the point across should be entertaining; however there are levels of what is good entertainment.  I have been playing with slideshows lately and found that pictures tell a thousand words.  Stay tuned in!


Building a dynasty may well have to be done in small steps.  For example the third Reich which is the Holy Roman Empire also known as the New World Order was not built in one day, but since the beginning of time of the rein of Satan, nor will they be destroyed overnight.  My point in the turning curve of music, which is a means of communications, is that we have to address real life issues and suggest solutions to pave the way for a better world.  We cannot afford to simply sing about lust all the time.  Sure on occasion it is a good thing to not be serious, but the music industry cannot meet the expense of stupidity trying to always reach children with kiddy messages.


I have come to the conclusion that the industry determines what a hit on the major circuit is; being record sales and radio airplay is predetermined.  But what is a hit?  When you hit something you make an impact on it.  Therefore it was our intentions to create some music that can make major forces of change take place. When you create music that is anti-establishment that is against the status quo getting picked up by major distributors can be difficult.  Because people out there that are known for Urban Music really represent the status quo and not the communities that they pretend to represent.  The real monsters of urban music are not always who you see entertaining, but are ghosts paving to way for continued control over the masses.


We just about completed a powerful project with NaQuila L. Hardy.  I have to give her all her proper respects because she sung about things in music that are taboo as she was hungry for a deal she took a major risk, because her love for people is greater than her love for money.  Sure she could have exploited her past life, but chose to express the new direction, the new beginning after the new world order for the entire world.


We have a task ahead of us, because as we try to spread the message that Satan’s time is up meaning the end of the Illuminati control of the minds of the masses and try to shine some light of hope on those who are suffering in these last days like myself; we are warriors of God striving through hard times in the Ghettos with our people being real with eye opening waves.


So I call on the support of people in the oppressed communities, to support this project so more like it can get created.  It is not about us getting rich overnight, but being able to send out timely messages which is a fulltime job and has to be self sufficient.  The actual release date is tentative, as we know we must crawl before we walk.  We call on the support of people for change unafraid of provocative lyrics.  I personally bless the NaQuila Project as it is also an expression of not just her but me also.  I hope you enjoy it, but more so I hope you understand it and why it is time for this type of direction change in the music industry.


I end this with a message from Solomon Gambino, “I do not want to lose my childhood.”  He said he wants to sing but still be a child.  We are working on a song appropriate for an 8 year old child, all in fun.  He says I am good and not bad and you can ask my momma.   


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