Sellouts in Musical Entertainment

Sellouts in Musical Entertainment


With the world coming to an end quickly, how long can we afford to avoid these facts?  Think about it we live in an economy that depends on consumer spending, but where is the money?  Is the money stuffed in duffel bags at the local drug cartel?  You hear about all these bad guys talks in entertainment, like killers and drug dealers but slinging digital media?  Yea right@!


Is the music industry really a front?  Is it all a game?  Where is the money?  Is it all about laundering money or is it about total excitement.  Let us face it even Michael Jackson needed the help of the Gambino Crime family to have multi-mega record sales appeal.  I mean who was buying all those CD’s and musical downloads? 


Is it about selling music or selling drugs?  The Lil Wayne adventures and the Michael Jackson disappearance has to make you wonder.  It is like when someone falls out of grace with the Mob, they stop selling records, die or go to jail?  Sure some records are sold legitimately, but the reality is it is about radio airplay and commercials that are aired as a result of the entertainment of the station to the appeal of the masses.  And payola is real, either you have to be hot or pay to get played and hot means have a sponsor.


The reality is that music is becoming a middle class industry.  Very few people sell millions upon millions of records anymore unless they have a sponsor who has the record data altered (Falsified sales).  It is about images and is all pretend.  The industry is struggling because the money is locked in duffel bags waiting to be released back into the economy.


Now I explain what I mean by sellouts in the music industry.  Black people in the industry claim to be about blackness and urban culture but they send out the messages of the status quo.  But the days of the Mafia and Cartel supporting the Holy Roman Empire, the Illuminati and Roman Catholic Church is old.  There was a time when they had the world fooled and were needed to operate as middle men between the law and the big corporate America.  But everybody in the know is aware that Satan hangs out in the Roman Catholic Church.   And his days are short if not over.


Appealing to young adults with bubblegum music used to be OK, because the people in power wanted the blind to stay blind, but now as they keep people in the dark they themselves cannot sponsor the artist with dirty money, because they themselves are going broke.


Think about it, it has always been a gangster’s paradise being the world of entertainment.  I mean even Frank Sinatra was mobbed up.  Michael Jackson, I know was made into an Icon by the Gambino’s.  Music was always a refuge in hard times, but those were hard times that where among the status quo, but now we have new money out there who want their props.


For this reason I think the sellouts are going to fade out of the scene with their souls already sold to lust and disrespectful lyrics or they will take a stand for the truth because they are really hands of a great evil one.  I do not know yet maybe we at Gambino Productions are ahead of out time, but the NaQuila project is certainly a trend setter.  Our ideas for her that were released to the public are being duplicated already by big name artists and if by chance NaQuila gets a sponsor and takes off, certainly more will follow her lead.


So maybe we took a risk and sang about things taboo in the minds of the Illuminati, but they are no longer the power they once were.  Will this calculated risk payoff?  Only time will tell!  But taking no risk at all is a formula for failure and that is for certain.


End Game!


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