Highlands County and the Heartland offers Hope

Highlands County and the Heartland offers Hope


The end of the world is the new beginning of a just and peaceful paradise.  I was told as a child that before light will shine we will reach the darkest moments in history.


We live in a world whereby we have the greatest technology in the history of mankind, yet “people are dying everywhere, because there are hard times everywhere?”  I had to borrow those lines from a song I co-wrote with NaQuila L. Hardy.  The bottom line is people are losing hope, as brothers are turning on there own and sisters the same, children against parents, I mean it is terrible.


Drugs are an escape from reality, which makes it, is actually reality.  Regardless as to if something is fantasy or reality if you believe it is your reality.  I was once told I was delusional because a Hollywood punk told this to the tabloids and it was picked up even by professionals, who later upon evidence presented to them renounced these false allegations.  However the damage was done to me in life.


Most of my life I traveled however my central location was New York City, this is where I always returned.  Now I am in a small town with the intentions on working on a couple of projects.  But even here you have personality conflicts that are more prevalent than in the big city.  Like the old saying the idle mind is the workshop of Satan.  People here are behind in time mindset structure, meaning many have no life other than to mingle in the lives of others.  This is a town of interlopers.  Instead of trying to build together a better place, they act like crabs all for self.


It is like being isolated from daily activities other than what you pickup on the News.  People here have struggled in general for generations from forced nomad work in the fruit groves and farms, now the blessing is an opportunity to work in retail store.  Meanwhile there are plenty of lakes (water), wood and other natural resources, the place is a gold mined but sadly labor has to be imported for there to be a development of light industry.  With an educational system established the funding to properly implement the facilities is not here.  So the people of the community are under represented in the college system here.


Centrally located in Florida, Highlands County and places like this offer America another chance.  The dream of a better America and world is based on the idea of the expansion of industry to places like this.  These people have a history of working hard, but are under educated.  Therefore based on the contribution of the generations of the past, people here deserve better representation by the Federal government to foster a better life and community for all.


Here we have a circumference of hundreds of miles of uninhabited land.  While 11 feet above sea level, which is unheard of in Florida, Highlands County and the Heartland (the surrounding counties) are actually the hope of a better future and America and world.  And how could the Congress and White House not see this?


Sure we can build high tech complexes in foreign lands on water and in the middle of the deserts, but if you build a castle on sand what will be the results?


The bottom line is the world is coming to an end, because mankind is plain and simply foolish?  We build up places like New Orleans which is underwater and New York City which is congested and polluted and ignore the gold mines in America like the Heartland.


The educated people here cannot understand the hesitation of the development that has to come here.  Homes here are going undecorated, as they are fine structures with minor repairs needed.  Homelessness here is totally unnecessary but a reality too many times.  However because of the warm weather people can live on the streets and clean themselves in the lakes, something you hear about in poor nations in Africa.


I believe that Highlands County and the Heartland will be the future of great cities in the United States of America.  And sadly a lot of people that are here are going to lose out, because they are not taking ownership in their lives.  I believe the meek will inherit the Heartland and places like the Heartland will take the lead in America and the world


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