Independent Record Distribution & Promotions

Independent Record Distribution & Promotions


An Underground Record Distribution Network: 


A special checking account must be created and maintained. 

An online record distribution operation has to be selected.

Distribution of demos has to be initiated.


Prerequisites of the establishment of online music distributor services are:


You first must open a bank account preferably checking

Then start up a Pay Pal Account

Then open an account with an online record distributor


I am leaning towards ReverbNation they distribute to about 39 stores to include store like Myspace Music, Amazon, Rhapsody and Napster.  This service is really not expensive at all


What good is music and a distributor and no audience or market?  An audience has to be earned but a market can be purchased.  We have to develop the account for artists and create friends; this is done through a kit or the use of tools.  The purpose of them is to develop reach and that is the first requirement to the development of a market, then there is the actual promotional of the products.


VASoft Online Myspace Promoter service which can present to you a market.  What you do with the software is up to you; however they will get you the tools to create a market.  Now you will be able to sell your music on and people will take your page a little more serious as you will be presented with sales opportunities to create a fan base worldwide.


Of course this is assuming your music is copyrighted at the library of congress and registered with ASCAP.


Have a wonderful day.


PS: Check me out on ReverbNation and purchase a song or two for the cause.


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