Gambino Drops NaQuila’s Charges

The New World Order Song 2

Gambino Drops NaQuila’s Charges


Due to current circumstances NaQuila’s album release date has been pushed back.  After personal feelings got in the way of business, emotions flared and arguments got out of control.  Personally, I think it was a great job by Law Enforcement in Avon Park and Highlands County and preventative measures should be practiced more often.  Nobody even got injured in what seemed to be a dead-end and a dooms day to come.  But now for me I am refreshed and see light at the other end of the tunnel.


With so much going on we have to get this one behind us.  There are prospects for a world tour; I am on my time trying to find the proper production networks to make this happen.  I have the Capstone Zulu BETA Release that is very revealing. 


All the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Projects have been a great experience overall.  I would like to build a studio at the Commercial Site for about $40G or less though charitable donations and grants.


I almost completed the Production Process of the music industry and as much as I would like to give an in-depth report there are so many obligations to be fulfilled, between the non profit activities and music production processes.  The music studio would tie them together if located in the proper place, so there is a lot up in the air.


As for NaQuila everything has been put on hold pending the courts verification as well as decision based upon the request of the victim ( I ) that wants no further legal actions.  I never wanted her to be charged with anything to start with. We needed a cool off period, I personally think she caught cold feet, wanting instant results and it does not work that way, our act has to grow in the public eye.  Personally I think NaQuila needs a break anyway but the meek will inherit the earth, so we have to be persistent, dedicated, but long-suffering.  This is what makes her project so special; it is the realness of life show. 


Stay Tuned!


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