The Record-Reason DAW Recovery Anew

The Record-Reason DAW Recovery Anew


I guess you can call it a breather, but I have been so busy that I paid little attention to the upgrades and updates in DAW software.  With the prices for high performance computers gone down and the software applications are so complete you could probably build a studio cheaper now than you could two years ago.


I just thought I might share something that came across me over the internet a couple of days ago.  Record and Reason Duo is upgrading due the end of the summer and is now putting out the BETA version for current users to test.


What is exciting about this upgrade is that several software application issues have been addressed.  Three that really deserve mentioning are the Dr. Octo Rex Player, the Neptune and the Kong Drum Designer, which gives Record/Reason Duo more of a VST feel to it, with your vocals synthesis and drums beats and Propellerheads all but knocked Acid Pro out the box making the use of construction kits seamless with the Dr. Octo Rex Player.  Check out the short videos on the features.


And, now I have pledged to confidentiality as I will get a first shot and view at the program as a BETA user, to help get the bugs out and learn the program before its release.  I think my next DAW project will be very exciting. 


Reason 5 and Record 1.5


Reason 5 and Record 1.5 BETA Versions


Rumor is BETA users get a free upgrade, when it is released they keep the new versions.  I do not know about that but for technical reasons I will join the BETA team this time, with or without the free product at the end of the testing phase, because there is no better way to learn the program.




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