Boycott BP Verse shutting them down

 Boycott BP Verse shutting them down

International Crime Control Policy

The bottom line is that BP is making more money polluting the seas than by turning off the pipeline.  Rev. Jesse Jackson suggested a boycott against BP whom has several subsidiaries as you can see below.  Therefore it will take a comprehensive approach by good leadership to create a list that can be made public for this to take place.


However my position is that laws are being broking and de to the leak and criminal charges will be pressed, therefore they are making a profit due to a criminal act.  It is illegal to profit from crime.


I think a higher authority should step in being the White and Congress that will force BP to shut down do to a criminal act until it is corrected.  As long as the fines are insignificantly low against the profits being made and England is unaffected by the disaster BP concern is pure profit.  The law should shut them down completely under the RICO Act.  This is modern day organized crime and an act of the Illuminati.

Most BP subsidiaries can be recognized by the BP or Amoco name although others include The Standard Oil Co. Inc and more obscure examples such as Grangemouth Polypropylene Ltd.  (Incorporated). A full list of subsidiaries can be found in who owns whom (vol.1 – UK & Ireland) available in the UK at most major libraries…

Subsidiaries/Affiliates Covered By Hoover’s

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