The Capstone Zulu Movement & Music

The New World OrderThe Capstone Zulu Movement & Music


Capstone Zulu is the new approach to spreading an important message to the youth and the entire world.  Capstone Zulu aka Frank Paul Gambino Productions; who was a ghost writer and studio performer for one of the hottest acts of all time teamed up with NaQuila Hardy AKA Stackz2020 & Female Gotti on a couple of hot songs as an introduction and also produced the follow up album by her for Gambino Productions to be released in the near future..


Capstone Zulu is a movement to reach out to the world and inform people about the contemporary woes of the world.  As money is a necessity in life it is useless without love says Capstone Zulu.  All under the Gambino Umbrella using modern technology the Production team plans to create hits and not just albums that will address issues as they present themselves to the world. 


Capstone Zulu a trend setter well known by the world of celebrities, politicians and civil rights leaders  and the King of Kings in his own rite feels that the music industry has taken a back seat in the world, by not addressing serious issues as the world faces total disaster feel money may take a back seat to truth and when truth take a chance love will always preserver. 


I believe the Gambino Productions umbrella will capture the eye and ears of the world and set a trend that will allow other artists to realize people want more than bubble gum music and lyrics, and the profit is the waking up of the sleeping masses.


Stay Tuned in!


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